Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (April 2023) – ObservSMART, a proximity-based patient rounding solution, announced today that Flyland Recovery Network has recently implemented its healthcare technology to ensure resident safety in their treatment centers across Florida and California. InvisALERT Solutions created an innovative product, called ObservSMART, to ensure safety and improve quality of care for vulnerable patient populations.

Flyland Recovery Network continuously strives to uphold and enhance its exceptional standards. We recognize the significance of patient safety and are dedicated to delivering superior care. Our partnership with InvisALERT allows us to leverage their cutting-edge technology by thoroughly documenting and validating required patient observations. The Flyland team will receive real-time reminders for patient checks through the ObservSMART app, and in the event of a missed observation or any other safety concern, supervisory alerts will be issued. This immediate intervention and proactive risk mitigation allow us to further provide the highest standard of care, specifically to those patients with higher acuity. The utilization of ObservSMART will bring a new level of precision and insight to the Flyland Recovery Network’s quality improvement initiatives currently in place.

ObservSMART is a safety solution system that uses a patented, tamper-resistant wearable, staff tablet and Bluetooth technology to validate required patient observations. This healthcare technology was specifically designed to care for higher acuity patient populations, or any patients requiring frequent monitoring and quality measurement.

The ObservSMART App provides real-time staff reminders for patient checks. Supervisory alerts are sent out for missed observations and additional safety concerns, allowing for real-time intervention and proactive risk mitigation. The ObservSMART 1:1 feature always ensures staff-to-patient proximity, for higher acuity patients.

Noreen Gottfried, Vice President with ObservSMART, “We have partnered with Flyland Recovery Network, a leader in the substance recovery field to provide the highest standard of care for their patients. We are making a shared commitment to ensure safety and provide staff with the best tools for patient observations, staff communication, and efficiency. Our technology aligns well with Flyland’s quality improvement initiatives and the exceptional standards already in place.”

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About ObservSMART

ObservSMART, developed by InvisALERT Solutions, is a tool that ensures patient safety through validating and recording patient safety checks. The system uses proximity to ensure that patients are monitored at required intervals and distances. This guarantees the required level of care for those at high risk.

ObservSMART’s easy-to-use patient-check system helps to advance quality of care and eliminate potential errors, ultimately decreasing costs associated with sentinel and non-sentinel events. For additional information, learn how we help.

About InvisALERT Solutions, Inc.

InvisALERT Solutions, Inc. was created by two professionals from the behavioral health industry who wanted to discover more effective methods for documenting patient observations. With a focus on developing products that promote patient care, safety and compliance, InvisALERT Solutions utilizes technology and personnel to address essential documentation issues in high-risk healthcare settings.

Their unique tools are created to meet the rigorous demands of complex workflows and required safety regulations. To learn more about InvisALERT Solutions, learn how it works.

About Flyland Recovery Network:

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