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ObservSMART Patient Rounds

With ObservSMART, staff complete required safety rounds using tablets that sync with tamper-resistant patient wearables.

Checks cannot be completed unless the staff member is within the prescribed distance of the patient.

Proximity and observation intervals are customizable to your workflow.

Patient Wearable

Years of research went into our proprietary, tamper-resistant wearable and Bluetooth enabled beacons.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sports-like design
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Antimicrobial, easy to clean
  • Reusable beacons
  • 14 month battery life

There is no need to access the patient’s wrist to complete an observation. The observation is
assured through customizable staff-to-patient proximity settings.

Staff Rounding Application

ObservSMART provides staff with an efficient, easy-to-use tool for documenting required patient rounds and 1:1 observations.

  • Ensure staff-to-patient proximity
  • Patient pictures for staff assurance
  • Customizable patient observation intervals
  • Customizable patient risk flags and precautions
  • Automated daytime/nighttime proximity adjustments

We ensure observation compliance and mitigate the severe risks and costs associated with missed and falsified observations.

ObservSMART 1:1

A Higher Level Of Observation 

ObservSMART 1:1 ensures the continuous monitoring of high-risk patients

  • Maintains staff-to-patient proximity
  • Customizable proximity settings per patient
  • Q15 checks or randomized intervals for observer engagement

ObservSMART has customizable supervisory and observer alerts that help to proactively mitigate risk and avoid sentinel events

  • Out-of-proximity alerts
  • Late or missed observation alerts
  • Staff falling asleep alerts

ObservSMART 1:1 is the only solution that ensures staff-to-patient proximity is maintained. This feature increases patient and staff safety while greatly reducing risks related to self-harm, suicide, and elopement.

Observation Options

With the ability to customize intervals, ObservSMART allows for the intensive monitoring of multiple patients.

  • Reduces reliance on 1:1
  • Labor flex – cost reduction
  • Real-time compliance
  • Documentation and full EMR integration

Client Case Study – Beacon Behavioral Health

1:1 Observation Reduction

Net Direct Cost Savings Per Patient Day: $26.53

Annual Direct Cost Savings: $28.78/Per Patient Day*

*2 FTE x 3 Shifts ($220,000/365)/21)

“The reduction is attributed to the physicians having greater confidence that the patients were being checked, and ObservSMART’s ability to allow for tighter observation intervals, i.e., 5 or 7 minutes, as opposed to defaulting to a 1:1.”

“We have seen an overall 50% reduction in orders for (1:1) constant observations. Staffing constraints are considerable so this also frees-up our ability to admit more patients.”

Proactive Intervention

Alerts for Real-Time Risk Mitigation

ObservSMART has customizable real-time alerts to account for patient safety concerns.

  • Client-specific, customizable alert thresholds
  • Coordinated, supervisory escalation process
  • Late or missed observations
  • 1:1 out of range
  • 1:1 sitter falling asleep
  • Patient off-unit latency notifications

    Supervisory staff will be proactively notified of any potential issues so they can assist in real-time.

      • Nursing Station Dashboard: Real-time unit monitoring and notifications
      • Request assistance feature for organized code response

      Supports Staff Workflow and Better Communication


      ObservSMART fully supports the complexities and nuances of various healthcare workflows.

      • Off-unit, observed patient coordination
      • Off unit, non-observed, leave of absence (LOA) patient documentation with alerting for overdue return time
      • Patient observations arranged in order of priority for efficiency
      • Proprietary management processes and ongoing operational customer support

      Reporting and Analytics

      ObservSMART provides a suite of powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that help support the needs of the clinical, business, risk and quality teams.

      • Real-time reporting – staff performance
        feedback bar
      • Unit and staff compliance reports
      • Patient observation reports
      • Automated sleep reports
      • Advanced reporting with proactive alerts, filters, comparative views
      • Corporate roll ups
      • Survey Readiness

      Customer Success

      ObservSMART is invested in your success every step of the way.

      Each client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who helps to continually measure quality of care and compliance.

      Supports safety and compliance goals,
          helping to drive best practice

      Actively monitors your data for opportunities

      Schedules periodic leadership discussions

      Your success is our success.


      ObservSMART can operate independently, or fully integrate with any EMR.

      • HL7 and FHIR Capable
      • SAML
      • OCTA
      • ORU, ORM, ADT
      • LDAP
      • Integrates bi-directionally with your EMR
      • AWS HIPAA compliant cloud hosting
      • SAML/MFA capable


      24/7 support – we are always here to help

      Environment of
      Care Rounds

      ObservSMART provides staff with a proximity-based tool to digitally document environmental safety checks.
      • Customizable time intervals and settings per unit, per facility
      • Built-in reminders for staff to complete rounds
      • Escalation alerts for missed or past due rounds
      • ‘Needs repair/attention’ requests notifications sent to designated staff
      • Easy-access reporting
      • Proximity-based EOC compliance

      Survey Readiness

      ObservSMART’s validated Environment of Care Rounds helps your organization to be survey ready at any time. Automated, streamlined documentation and reporting with ObservSMART helps to ensure facilities are prepared for surveyors and auditors, while improving safety for patients, staff, and visitors.

      Nurse Rounds

      Similar to ObservSMART’s core rounding solution, we provide a tool for Nurses to digitally document required patient rounds within designated windows of time.

      Proximity-Based Nurse Rounds

      • Arranges patients in order of priority
      • Customizable rounding windows
      • Reminders for upcoming rounds
      • Alerts for missed and overdue rounds
      • Ability to assign Nurses to groups of patients
      • Rounds are time-stamped and documented
      • Easy access, real-time reporting
      • Proximity-based compliance

      Quality of Care

      All documentation in ObservSMART is time-stamped and stored for real-time and retrospective reporting and analysis, allowing for a more comprehensive view into the patient’s journey and care provided over time.

      Vitals Documentation

      ObservSMART provides staff with a proximity-based tool to digitally document patient vitals information. There is the ability to program when vitals need to be taken and at what frequency.

      Staff are able to view the last 6 vitals measurements taken in the application.

      • Customizable vitals per patient
      • Reminders when vitals are due
      • Alerts for patient-specific vitals thresholds
      • Alerts for out-of-range vital signs
      • Direct integration into EHR


      ObservSMART provides staff with an easyto-use, proximity-based tool to document various patient assessments, including depression, suicide, neuro and detox scales assessments.

      The ObservSMART Team can build any assessment the client needs.
      Current assessments include:

      • PHQ-9 (depression screening)
      • CSSRS Screen (Columbia suicide severity rating scale)
      • CIWA-Ar (clinical institute withdrawal assessment for alcohol)
      • COWS (clinical opiate withdrawal scale) and some new opiate (SOWS), alcohol (SAWS), benzodiazepine and stimulant withdrawal assessment tools.

      Gain insights on patient progress, facility compliance and overall quality of care.