Aspire Health Partners in Orlando, Florida, last year was facing two problems: the need for remote monitoring of patients in its inpatient hospital units and the need to upgrade its network switch infrastructure to better handle the load on network resources related to the increase in telehealth services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Both projects would solve significant challenges for Aspire Health: One related to the safe, socially distanced monitoring and observation of clients, and the other related to more efficiently and securely managing network resources.


For remote patient monitoring, the health system purchased the ObservSmart product from InvisAlert Solutions. The switch upgrades were Cisco Meraki switches ordered from the health system’s vendor Connection.

“Through the use of ObservSmart, we have been able to improve patient safety, increase quality of care and ensure improved compliance,” said Zachary Hughes, vice president of innovation and technology at Aspire Health Partners.


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