ObservSMART Wristband and Dashboard

Vitals & Detox Scale Monitoring and Documentation

Designed to replace insufficient documentation methods, like paper and clipboard, ObservSMART continuously provides staff with easy-to-use tools that help to maintain safety and support workflow.

Vitals & Detox Scale Monitoring and Documentation is the newest component of the ObservSMART solution, allowing staff to digitally document customizable patient vitals and detox scale measurements.

ObservSMART’s proven, proximity-based technology validates, timestamps, and stores all vitals and detox rounds for easy-access reporting.

ObservSMART wristband with tablet

Validation through Proximity

Vitals cannot be completed in ObservSMART unless the rounder is within proximity of the patient. Once proximity is established, a list of vitals will appear and prompt the rounder on what vitals need to be taken, and the appropriate range per vital measurement. Vital ranges can be customized per patient.

In addition to what vitals are taken, you have the ability to program when vitals need to be taken and the frequency, allowing for more consistency and increasing communication among staff.

  • Arranging patients in order of priority
  • Customizable vitals and detox scales per patient
  • Reminders when vitals are due
  • Alerts for missed and out-of-range vitals
  • All rounds are time-stamped and documented
  • Proximity based, validated compliance
ObservSMART wristband with tablet

In-App and Desktop Reporting

By eliminating paper process and utilizing ObservSMART to support staff with documenting important patient information, you gain access to sophisticated data on patient progress, facility compliance and overall quality of care.

All rounding data is time-stamped and stored for accessible in-app and desktop reporting. Staff are able to view the last 6 vitals measurements and last 4 detox measurements taken per patient on their designated iPad.

  • Patient Vitals reports
  • Patient Detox Scale scores
  • Unit and staff compliance reports
  • Standalone or full EMR integration
  • Nursing Station Dashboard: simultaneous, multiple unit monitoring with alerts and notifications
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to support compliance goals and help drive best practice