Nurse/Leader Rounds

Designed to replace insufficient documentation methods, like paper and clipboard, ObservSMART continuously provides staff with easy-to-use tools that help to maintain safety and support workflow.

Nurse/Leader Rounds is a new component of the ObservSMART solution, allowing nurses to document patient observations digitally, within designated windows of time. ObservSMART’s proven, proximity-based technology validates, timestamps and stores nurse rounds for easy-access reporting.

Validation Through Proximity

Nurse rounds cannot be completed in ObservSMART unless the rounder is within proximity of the patient. Once proximity is established, a nurse can select the patient record and record a location and behavior, which can be customized by unit or facility. Nurse rounds in ObservSMART can be independent of standard observations or count as the standard observation.

All documentation in ObservSMART is time-stamped and stored for real-time and retrospective reporting and analysis, allowing for a more comprehensive view into the patient’s journey and care provided over time.

  • Customizable rounding windows
  • Arranges patients in order of priority
  • Prompts for upcoming rounds
  • Alerts for missed and overdue rounds
  • Ability to assign Nurses to groups of patients
  • All rounds are time-stamped and documented
  • Validated compliance, real-time reporting
ObservSMART wristband with tablet