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Paper and E-Clipboards are listed as the root cause of failure to perform timely patient observations and result in catastrophic events and injuries

Organizations using ObservSMART are experiencing significant improvements in their observation compliance, patient safety, and quality of care.

Staff use tablets synced with our patented tamper resistant wearables to do their patient checks. Checks cannot be done unless the tech is within the prescribed distance of the patient.

Validated patient safety checks

ObservSMART Wristband and Dashboard

ObservSMART Patented Wearables

Years of research went into developing our proven tamper-resistant wearable and beacons for noncompliant patient populations.

  • No need to access the patient’s wrist
  • Lightweight and comfortable sports-like design
  • Swim and shower with it on
  • Easy to clean reusable beacons
  • 14 month battery life
ObservSMART wristband with tablet

Validated Compliance

Through the use of proprietary software and patented, highly tamper resistant wearables, ObservSMART certifies compliance and documents patient location and behaviors. Using client specific patient-to-staff proximities, we ensure observation compliance and mitigate the severe risks and costs associated with missed and falsified observations.

  • Proven, validated compliance of greater than 99%
  • Patient acuity specific observation intervals
  • Patient risks and acuity scaling indicators
  • Automated nighttime proximity adjustments
  • Ensures 1:1 observation adherence
Valigated Compliance graphic

Built-in Alerts

We understand the challenges that a non-compliant patient population can often present to staff. As a result, ObservSMART has designed real-time alerts into the software to account for safety concerns, missed observations, and 1:1 observation proximity failure. Supervisory staff is proactively notified of any potential issues so they can immediately assist and correct the problem real-time.
  • Client-specific, customizable alert thresholds
  • Coordinated, supervisory escalation process
  • Request assistance feature, organized code response
  • Missed observations, 1:1 out of range, and off-unit lateness notifications
  • Nursing Station Dashboard: simultaneous, multiple unit monitoring and notifications
  • Patient risk and acuity flags
Built-in Alerts Dashboard Mock

Accommodates Workflow

ObservSMART fully supports the complexities and nuances of behavioral health workflows. Designed by and for behavioral health staff. Our solution supports the most complex workflows and improves communication among staff. Our proprietary management processes help you operationalize and offer your team the appropriate tools to effectively and efficiently perform their responsibilities. After implementation, our clients report an overall decrease in workload.
  • Off-unit, non-observed patient synchronization
  • Off-unit observed patient activities/program coordination
  • Real-time quality feedback
  • Observation prioritization cues
  • Proprietary management processes and ongoing operational support
Accomodates Work Flow
reporting analytics

Easy Access Reporting and Analytics

We eliminate the laborious efforts involved in accessing reports for audits, assessing the efficacy of treatments, measuring patient sleep patterns, or tediously scanning of patient reports into a database.

ObservSMART provides a suite of powerful reporting and analytics capabilities that help support the needs of the clinical, business, risk and quality teams. Reports can be easily queried on an ad hoc basis or pushed as a standard daily report to an email. ObservSMART also has full clinical system integration capabilities allowing patient reports to easily flow into your EMR, patient record.

    • Real-time reporting – staff performance feedback bar
    • Unit and staff compliance reports
    • Patient observation reports 
    • Automated sleep reports
    • Advanced reporting with proactive alerts and comparative views
    • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Supports compliance goals and helps drive best practice
Actively monitors your data for opportunities
Scheduled periodic leadership discussions

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