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Patient safety is a huge factor. ObservSMART helps you to hold your staff accountable and provides real-time information about each patient on the iPad.

The team also does an excellent job working with our facility to customize the product to fit our needs. Having the right data available to us in an instant allows us to keep everyone in our unit as safe as possible.

Christy K. Al-Nemah

Director of Residential Operations, CHI Health

This technology improves the way we observe and monitor patients in our care. Staff is able to efficiently manage the required round-the-clock 15-minute checks that are considered a standard of care  in the mental health industry.  In turn, supervisory staff can validate that patients are being observed and provide real-time feedback. While this tool advances mental health care and safety, it also supports business, clinical, and quality initiatives for Centerstone. ObservSMART is a game-changer.

Melissa Larkin-Skinner

Regional Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone Hospital

As a leader of inpatient psychiatric services, ObservSMART provides me with peace of mind. Inpatient psychiatric units are high-risk clinical settings. ObservSMART ensures staff are being vigilant. Additionally, it also offers seamless documentation. This is a great product using technology and people to solve a clinical quality issue.

Shirley Repta, Ph.D. RN MBA

Administrator PSC, Barnes-Jewish Hospital

We run a large metropolitan behavioral health hospital with a diverse and complex patient population with hundreds of staff. ObservSMART has helped us achieve and sustain excellent compliance, and their support has been exceptional.

Laura Longstreet

CEO, Belmont Behavioral Hospital

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