Environment of Care Rounding

Replace Paper Processes with efficient Electronic Rounding

Designed to replace insufficient documentation methods, like paper and clipboard, ObservSMART provides staff with easy-to-use tools that help to ensure safety and support staff workflow.

Environment of Care compliance is a new component of the ObservSMART safety solution, allowing staff to document environmental safety checks seamlessly.

ObservSMART’s proven, proximity-based technology validates, timestamps and stores environment of care rounds for easy-access reporting.

ObservSMART Wristband and Dashboard

Validation Through Proximity

Checks cannot be completed unless the rounder is within proximity to the designated environment. Once proximity is established, a task list will appear to prompt the rounder on what needs to be checked or secured in each specific environment. Proactive rounding is key to promoting safety and ensuring a facility is meeting all requirements.

ObservSMART Environment of Care module is customizable to each facility and their workflow.

  • Customized time intervals and settings per unit, per facility
  • Built-in reminders for staff to complete rounds and alerts for missed rounds
  • All rounds are time-stamped and documented in real-time
  • Accessible reporting through the desktop
  • ‘Needs repair/attention’ requests notifications sent to the appropriate staff
ObservSMART wristband with tablet

Survey Readiness

ObservSMART Environment of Care Rounds allows your organization to be survey ready at any time.

Automated, streamlined documentation and reporting with ObservSMART helps to ensure facilities are prepared for surveyors and auditors, while improving safety for patients, staff, and visitors.